About DataExpert


DataExpert is proud of the collaboration with its customers. By talking to its customers and identifying their needs, DataExpert provides the right solutions for digital forensic investigation, analytics and security. Below are a few customer cases/references that provide an image of our method and the experiences of our customers during the projects. 

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Since the collaboration with DataExpert, Chaabi Bank Netherlands is able to provide a full report within minutes.

Chaabi Bank is focused on Dutch customers with a Moroccan background, who want to transfer money from the Netherlands to Morocco. The bank creates reports on a daily basis. In the first place, for its own administration and insight, but also to be accountable to the headquarters in Paris and De Nederlandsche Bank. Read more

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To help protect people in the Rijnmond region from pollution, waste and other threats, DCMR worked with DataExpert to deploy IBM® software that detects and assesses environmental hazards, identifying key risks and lack of compliance. Now, DCMR can prioritize activities such as inspections and law enforcement to maximize benefits to public safety. Read more