About DataExpert

Privacy Policy

At DataExpert we value the trust given to us by our customers, suppliers and colleagues by providing us with the necessary personal information. Data protection is one of our highest priorities. We aim for the greatest possible transparency about what we are doing with these personal data and the reason why we do this. Given the sectors in which our customers work, we, as DataExpert, exercise the highest level of integrity and trust concerning personal data.

The privacy code of conduct of DataExpert is as follows:

  • DataExpert limits itself when collecting personal data to only those data that we have obtained legitimately and with reasonable means and, if applicable, always with the knowledge or permission of those concerned.
  • DataExpert ensures that the collected personal data are limited to the purposes for which they are collected and always with the necessary correctness, completeness and marketability.
  • DataExpert ensures that the personal data made available to us are properly protected against loss, destruction, unauthorized access, unauthorized use, changes, or making available.
  • DataExpert ensures that we are, at any time, accountable for the way in which we, as an organization, interpret our privacy rules.
  • DataExpert ensures that the collected personal data will not be kept longer than necessary for realizing the target (s) for which they were collected.