About DataExpert

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to support our customers in their fight against crime, cybercrime and data security in the most effective ways possible by delivering innovative software solutions and services.

How to Defeat Crime
The digital component of crime has greatly increased in recent times. Technological advances can even lead to highly secured systems being hacked and used to commit fraud. In order to stay at least one step ahead, tracking, fraud detection and security centers have to develop new techniques much more quickly. Innovation in tooling and tracking processes and enlarging knowledge areas and knowledge sharing are crucial in this regard. The best tooling and the best trained researchers are needed in order to defeat crime.
That’s why DataExpert always keeps its portfolio of products, trainings and services up to date. In this way clients are effectively supported in their fight against crime.

Our goal is to contribute to solving every criminal and fraud case, and to reduce the impact of a cyber attack and the risks of a data leak to zero, using our expertise, software and services.