About DataExpert

DataExpert and Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship (SER)

The right balance between people, planet and profit—that’s what Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship (SER) means for DataExpert.

With our SER policy we want to:
• be aware of all cost factors, both for humans and the environment
• be appealing to new and existing business partners
• be appealing to new and existing employees
• always stimulate the work drive

DataExpert’s Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

• Strike the right balance between work and private life. This is made possible by granting our employees parental leave, short-term care leave, part-time opportunities, and in some cases even work at home
• Train and educate employees internally or externally to improve their work performance
• Apply Risk Assessment and Evaluation, and effective absence management
• Sponsor good causes such as Stichting Opkikker
• Buy Fair-Trade products such as coffee and organic food for lunch
• Recruit local people; shorter commutes help avoid unnecessary pollution
• Our leasing policy only allows energy-saving cars
• Use energy-saving equipment such as printers, servers, air-conditioning with automatic shutdown

Last but not Least.....
With our products and services, DataExpert wants to contribute to a better and safer world!